Take Control and Master Your Loan

Unlock The Secret To Success

“Take Control & Master Your Loan” Book By Mr Mukesh Pandey (M.D,Rupyaapaisa.com)

“Leading Your Business to Success: Unlocking the Power of Strategic Planning”

This book *Take Control and Master Your Loan*is written with a sole motive to educate MSME about how they should plan for any kind of funding for business requirements.

Almost every entrepreneur wants to grow and scale up their business.

But sometimes they may witness any of the below concerns in their business:

🔥Not able to take a big order due to the unavailability of funds?

🔥 Not able to conquer your competitors due to unavailability of funds?

🔥Not generating huge profit due unavailability of a wide range of products?

🔥Not able to grab the seasonal opportunity in your business?

We understand that businesses need intensive capital, and sometimes it is crucial to have a loan for various reasons but Planning a Loan is like Planning a baby. 

Our MD Mukesh Pandey, Founder & Managing director of Rupyaapaisa.com, is awarded as the best SME consultant, Author of the book Take control and Master your Loans, and is a regular invitee for opinion & panel discussions on multiple National News Channels such as CNBC AWAAZ, MIRROR NOW, AAJ TAK INDIA TV, NEWS 24, ZEE BUSINESS, etc. have innovated the WHERE principle, which you should know before going for any loan.

W- Why do you need a loan

H- How do you want to have this Loan

E- Enduse of this loan

R- Returns on Investment after taking this loan

E- Exit Strategy to come out of this loan

This book ensure that the business Owners doesn’t fall into the trap of loans and end up paying heavy interest without making any profits from the borrowed amount from their Banks.

There is an old saying Jaise Lohe se Loha kata jaata hai waise hi Paise se paisa Banta hai. The only thing is to know the art of leveraging and making money from money.

A loan is like DO DHARI TALWAAR, which can help you achieve milestones but might even hurt you if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Our WHERE Framework ensures that business Owners don’t fall into the trap of loans and end up paying heavy interest without making enormous profits for their businesses.

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