Learn The WHERE Funda @Rupyaapaisa.Com Before Seeking Loans/ Funds For Business!!

By Admin 12 Oct,2023

Learn The WHERE Funda @Rupyaapaisa.Com Before Seeking Loans/ Funds For Business!!

As a business owner, every one of us dreams to reach the top heights and in this journey, we feel the need for some wise advisor who can guide us correctly, handhold us in tough times, and even help us raise funds at the best possible ROI so that we can make the most in our businesses and achieve all the goals we dreamt of.

Just as in Kurukshetra, while fighting the Mahabharata war Pandavas needed Krishna & he was there as a perfect guide and mentor for them making them come out victorious. In the same manner, Rupyaapaisa.com guides you and keeps you always ready to grab all opportunities coming your way while doing business. It also saves you from all the hindrances you face in the day to day business affairs by providing you with appropriate guidance and solutions.

At Rupyaapaisa.com we make you aware of our “WHERE” Funda that you must know before opting for raising any Funds for your Business. Please check it yourself :

✅”W” stands for WHY?

Why do you need the funds or loans for your business?

✅”H” stands for How?

How do you want to raise these funds? Whether through your friends & family, from your Business circle, or wish to approach any Bank or NBFC?

✅”E” stands for END-USE

After raising the funds, what will be the end use of these funds, whether it is for expansion, grabbing new business opportunities, or meeting your day to day expenses and existing EMIs

✅”R” stands for Return on Investments

You must know, what returns you will be generating for your business, after raising the funds and utilizing them for your end-use purpose. Be sure, that researching and calculating the profits should be done before opting for any loans.

✅ Finally, “E” stands for an Exit Strategy.

You should have a clear idea of how to repay these loans and come out without hampering your routine business.

We have seen in Mahabharata again, how easy it was for Abhimanyu to get into Chakravyuh but he didn’t know how to come out of it, since he was not aware of the exit strategy and we know Shri Krishna was not around him, to help.

It is very easy to take any loans but one should know the Rupyaapaisa.com’s “WHERE” funda before even thinking about this.

Rupyaapaisa.com is your financial expert, the team of ex-bankers with more than 15 years of experience, catering loan advisory ranging from 50 lacs to 50 crores and helping many create success stories.

Check for yourself :

   âœ“   If you are also facing any of the below concerns in your business?

   âœ“   If you feel that your orders are not closing due to a lack of funds?

   âœ“   If you are not able to get a big order due to the unavailability of funds?

   âœ“   If you are paying a high rate of interest on existing, any kind of credit facility?

   âœ“   If you want to grab the seasonal opportunity in your business?

You need a financial (doctor) expert, a specialist in business funding who can help you raise capital at best competitive ROI

Please contact me and feel free to book an appointment with our director at loans@rupyaapaisa.com


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