Car Loan

Car Loan Refinance: The car refinance loan is essentially a secured loan like a home mortgage loan. However, the process is much simpler and much faster. The car refinance loans allow you to take a loan on your existing car, by pledging the car registration papers at the lenders.

There is a difference between the traditional car loan and a car refinance loan – The former is used to purchase of a car while the latter is used to solve your money requirement by pledging a car you already own.

It’s not widely advertised, but a few banks and non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) provide loans against used cars

Fulfil Your Every Need

Loan offers available upto 150% of the original loan value of the car, and don’t worry, a wide range of manufacturers and their models/variants are approved and considered. Valuation of the car isn’t mandatory.

Flexible Repayment Tenure

Decide whether you’d like your loan tenure to be just 12 months, or 84 months, with our pocket-friendly EMI repayment options.

Competitive Rates

Get an easy loan up to Rs 25 lakhs and up to 2% lower rates of interest as compared to personal loans available in the market.

Quick & Transparent Loan Disbursal

Quick, 30 minute approvals and hassle-free loan disbursals. Check your eligibility in just 60 seconds here.

Easy Repayment Options

Benefits from our low EMI repayment option